Suman Kabiraj, Covering the City & The Time

As we are going through a toughest time, we all are waiting for a hope, a better phase to live.

In pandemic era, as an art practitioner I got to experience few new phase and perspective to experiment with. Few terms, new words and experience such as quarantine , social distancing , home isolation ,  lockdown, pandemic, crisis, food rush, work from home, online meeting, essential workers, live stream, challenge, misinformation. environment, patience, hope – all these concepts and meaning no doubt add a different aspects to my regular practice.

Particularly this phase/lockdown gives me a chance to concentrate on my works, it gives me a window to work related to isolation, depression, anxiety and above all hope.

Covering the City and The Time – watercolour on paper.

Suman Kabiraj

I am a contemporary artist based in India. I pursued my MFA and BFA from Govt. College of Art and Craft, University of Calcutta.