Kami ito handspun paper yarn


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Three spindles of Kami ito fine handspun paper yarn –  €10 each.

Kami ito is made using an ancient Japanese technique. Kami ito is made using an ancient Japanese technique. Making kami ito is a labour-intensive process using handmade Japanese washi paper which is carefully cut into one continuous length, dampened and spun by hand on a drop spindle.. This paper yarn is fine and strong. Made from Japanese washi paper, kami ito is suitable for weaving especially traditional Japanese shifu. It can also be used in knitting crochet or mixed media use.

Each spindle of yarn may be bought separately – please indicate which yarn you would like in the comments box at checkout.

This listing includes

10 yards of medium weight kami ito

8 yards of fine kami ito

6 yards of kami ito that was painted with black sumi ink before being spun into yarn (note the colours in this yarn are not guaranteed waterproof and may bleed when wet)