Indigo, eco-dyed silk scarf – Felicity Griffin Clark




Beautiful soft, light silk scarf. Hand-dyed by me in Australia, using eucalyptus leaves, then dipped in an indigo vat.

Shown in the Unbound: Explorations Into Indigo Exhibition, Australia 2016.

These works venture into that deep blue hinterland, exploring the ancient alchemy of indigo, trying to push into the blue. How far can you go? What if you dipped paper in the unpredictable indigo vat, pressed roses into it and abandoned it to the elements? What if you inscribed that indigo map with bone and ink? What if you bathed it all in gold, dipped into another alchemy?

This is a handmade, delicate item and should be gently hand-washed in lukewarm water. Drip dry and iron if necessary. The colours are deep and soft and will not run.

100% silk

28 by 140 cm