Valerie Arntzen, Home Is Home and Everything Else Is Not



I have always loved the shape of houses and barns.  When we went into lockdown I started this series of wood houses as I heard snippets from other parts of the world and what their lockdown means.  People had to get permits to leave their house to be able to go to specific essential destinations close to their home address.  Other people were “stuck” in countries not their own.  I was safe at home.  The use of materials that are part of house building like wood and brick was essential to my process.

Not just safe at home but I have access to my studio.  My main medium is assemblage but I was not inspired to create a whole body of work.  Like many of my artist friends during this lockdown there was a grieving period.  I gave myself time and space to just explore.  The HOME project took a while and sat in its own area of the studio waiting for inspiration which came in spurts.  I have finished three and will continue on this exploration of emotions.

What is Your Address            assemblage        9” x    6” x    6”

Away from Home                   assemblage      27” x 7.5” x 7.5”

Safe at Home                          assemblage      27” x 7.5” x 7.5”

Valerie Arntzen

My art practice is primarily assemblage but I create collage and photography as well.  My work is inspired by my travels and treasures I have collected. Religious icons are often used in my art.

Vancouver, Canada is my home.  I have been an artist for over 30 years.  I lived in Los Angeles, California for 2 years and Amsterdam, Holland for 6 months on self-directed residencies.

My art has been shown in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Brazil, New York, and various towns in British Columbia. Private collections that have my work are in Holland, New York, Santa Fe, Vancouver, BC and in Museums in Belgium, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Brazil, France, Wisconsin and Texas.