Tina Martin, St Ann’s Lights

 St Ann’s Lights
This is the twelfth of my urban trees paintings but has taken an important place as it has been painted in lockdown and I have felt a very strong connection to the trees that we place behind fences, and the way we shut their roots in tiny spaces.  I have been very aware of the inhospitable places we put trees and expect them to flourish.  They endure constant light and noise and all the things that people tie and pin on them and still provide beauty and habitat, despite their restricted roots and space.  Shut in on my own, my paintings have provided an outlet to the world and this one is a reminder of a past experience, where people could wander freely beneath the shining lights tied round the trees, that provided such a beautiful backdrop to the market.

Oils 50 x 76cm

Tina Martin
B.A.(Hons) Fine Art.  Exhibited in solo and joint shows, paintings in private collections in Britain, Ireland and Australia.
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