Sarah Praill, Dearest trotter & Be A Bud series

Dearest Trotter

click on the image to watch Sarah’s video Dearest trotter.

Be A Bud series

As a book designer, the juxtaposition and dialogue between words and images is interesting to me. Using my own voice to read a letter I had written to another artist seemed apt. The homemade video on my phone allows you to enter into this experiment with myself, struggling to find a way of being in this bewildering space and continue to make sense of things and create. I dare to think that someone else might find it interesting.

I am interested in the presence of the mark and how I can evidence my experience of being in the world. How to make things as markers of feeling and thinking.

Slaughterhaus Print Studio closed with lockdown. An exhibition in June and a show in Highgate have been postponed.

Materials feel precious right now. I began painting on egg boxes and bits of cardboard that I enjoy snipping up. I like to to start my day with an egg. In London, we found suppliers who began to deliver to homes instead of restaurants. We are glad of their eccentric but basic services. The arrival of eggs is an event.

I have been doing mindfulness and yoga on zoom each morning which has influenced my thinking. I write every day and began making small images to feel like I was doing something. I liked the feeling of working with oil and water based materials. It felt like a sensory experience that I was glad of.

Gradually my home studio began to fill up with these small, slight presences. I propped them up on the fireplace and table. They often emerged at the end of the day when I was so weary of thinking and fretting that I found solace in bringing something to life. They feel like a kind of utterance.


Sarah Praill

BA Honours, Medieval history St Johns College, Durham University

Worked in an Art gallery in London

Foundation course Hertfordshire College of Art and Design

TEFL English teacher to Palestinian Students YMCA, Jerusalem

Learnt Hebrew and studied for 5 years at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

BA Honours in Graphic design and illustration.

International Sandberg Prize

Book designer for fine art publisher Thames and Hudson. Worked for 25 years with artists and designers and architects and museums from all over the world. Roger Ballen, Paula Rego, Howard Hodgkin, Michael Craig Martin. Won Bologna Ragazzi award for children’s book A History of Pictures with David Hockney.

Drew for 5 years every Friday in the British Museum with The Royal Drawing School

2010 MA in Fine Art at University of the Arts, London. Wimbledon and Camberwell, UAL. Focused on drawing, making small objects and animation

2016 Joined Slaughterhaus print studio in Stockwell, London.

2020 Taught children creativity and dancing in Nanpur, Odisha, India