Santanu Dutta, Convergence Towards Inner Self

Convergence Towards Inner Self – III

Tea/Coffee wash, Fuji color and Technical pen on handmade paper. 76 x 30 cm

Convergence Towards Inner Self – IV

Tea wash, Acrylic, dry pastel and Technical pen on handmade paper. 67 x 36 cm

The work I have produced during the Lockdown, is a reflection on the self; A Convergence Toward the Inner Self.  I believe that for many people in the world in the actual time of Covid-19 pandemic and an imposed Lockdown, is the most suited moment to stay safe at home and simultaneously bring a reflection on oneself, reviewing our past, considering the present and thinking about the future.  This crucial moment of thinking of oneself is otherwise much sought after in the ‘normal’ time which is pretty much hectic, given work and family engagements.  It is like in this particular work, a thought on the various identities we carry within the society and how one can build and recover over the future human relations post-Covid-19.

The Lockdown time has allowed me to concentrate and develop further on my intricate detailed artworks which require a huge amount of time input and given the actual situation one cannot complain about time.  In the moment of crisis, my art serves me as a therapy. My art endeavors a stint of solace, to the ongoing pandemic painful impacts on the overall situation of human plight, through the visually colorful and intricately detailed rendering.

Santanu Dutta

Santanu Dutta was born in the town of Burdwan, India and is now based in Santiniketan, India.  He principally works with technical pens and prefers handmade papers for surfaces.  He also explores wash with natural pigments which he deploys in his mode of expression.  The artist has in the recent past participated in International portrait Biennale in Bosnia/Herzegovina as well as held workshop at the Kerala Museum, sharing his technical approach to art.   Santanu’s art process consists of a reflection on the situation of human situations within his society which ultimately becomes an intricate spiritual works, which simultaneously is a therapy alongside its visual aesthetic.