Rida Kahn, 6 Feet (social distance)

The corona virus is a virus that has plagued the world. Everyone is asked to keep a distance of 6 feet from each other. I have shown the same in my painting. On one side is day and on the other side is night. Surely there is day or night, but the heart is not far from each other. There is no doubt that we have to take care of social distance but we have to forget our loved ones whom we love.

Effect of COVID-19: The experience of Quarantine is neither too bad nor too good. I spent most of my time in painting. I am from Pakistan. And the corona virus is very high here too. We have everything, but there are many poor people in our country who have nothing to eat and are starving. It’s a weird environment. Every human being has tension. Most of the tension in the news is sealed. The number of patients is increasing every day. It is only a prayer that this disease be removed as soon as possible.

I’m home in quarantine days. My parents didn’t let me and my siblings out, because going out is a risk of spreading the virus. So for about a month I didn’t go out of the house.

6 Feet (social distancing) Gouache+watercolor pencils on sheet. 9×13 inches.

Rida Basit Khan

Rida Basit Khan  is an artist from Lahore, Pakistan. She is a Visual Artist. She love exploring different mediums and always have found herself in Miniature Art. She is fortunate enough to be a part of the institute I always dreamt of being in; Punjab university college of Art & Design. She has won competition & awards in various Art’s Exhibition. She completed her Bachelor’s & Post graduation degree with Distinction. She is the member of “Artist Association of Punjab” She completed her residency for a Month at Shakir Ali Museum. She has participated in National & International Exhibitions; Uk, USA, Spain, Turkey, Texas, Italy etc

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