Rabia Dar, Landscape & Untitled


Opaque watercolor on paper. 2.5″ round


Opaque watercolor on paper. 4″ x 6″

Effect of COVID-19: The experience of Quarantine is neither too bad nor too good. I spend most of my time in painting and household duties. I am from Pakistan. And the corona virus is spreading day by day here. We have everything, but there are many poor people in our country who have nothing to eat and are starving. Every human being has tension.The number of patients is increasing every day. It is only a prayer that this disease can be removed as soon as possible.

Rabia Dar

For her education, Rabia took Bachelor degree in Sculpture (relief work) from University of education, bank road campus. Inevitably, Rabia launched her career as a freelance Artist on social media. She is listed in important exhibitions and displayed her works in galleries like Alhamrah art council, Shakir Ali museum and on international level.

She loves to create art in different mediums and forms. She’s crazy about wooden crafts work. Most of her work is in relief work, raw wood crafts and miniature. She exhibited her work in different galleries.