Olga Teksheva, Broken Wing



This drawing is a study of a butterfly’s wing, but its uneven rhythm and “torn off” details give impression of something deconstructed, broken.

The lockdown has heavily affected my work. My personal show was scheduled for the beginning of May, and I had been working for it since July 2019. But, because of the lockdown, the show was cancelled. I still don’t know if it is postponed for the end of the 2020 or for the 2021, since the gallerist still can’t estimate the financial damage imposed by this lockdown.

My working space and schedule has been badly affected too, since my husband and my daughter are staying at home, and the only time I can work is from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m. which sometimes is physically proving. The feeling of “broken wings” is often with me, and I still have to figure out how to cope with it and overcome it.

hand-printing with tempera, markers, gel pen 27 x 35 cm

Olga Teksheva

Olga Teksheva (b. 1973, Moscow) is a textile and fiber artist based in Rome. Her main fields are installations and sculptures that mix up textiles, fibers, painting, weaving and embroidery.
 After graduating in Art History from Moscow State University she has worked for years as fashion analyst and teacher of Fashion and Costume History and Art History. In 2006 she finishes a course of Drawing and Painting at Ermolaeva Studio in Moscow.

In 2008 she moves to Rome where in 2011 gets a BA in Fashion and Costume Design.
From 2015, after a few fashion collaborations as textile designer, she quits fashion to take a career in art, and in 2017 has her first personal show in Rome.

In 2019 she is selected in Special Mention category for Art Rooms Rome. She is a member of Society for Embroidered Work and was selected for their first Contemporary Stitched Art International Exhibition in 2019.


Instagram: @teksheva