Niki Medlik, Chapelfield


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I have made a series of prints about the park I have been visiting at least once a day for the last 8 weeks. I never went there before Covid. It began with ‘chance encounters’ with my friend and neighbour there each afternoon when he took his ‘daily exercise’. We talked deeply, as we never had prior to lockdown – it felt like we were in a liminal, unreal space, which held our words safely suspended there.

We basked in the unusual warm sunshine which was supposedly also killing the virus, and marvelled at the beauty springing up each day, and the constant magnificence of the Magnolia tree. This year the Spring has seemed especially verdant and intense. The greens are bright against the deep blue sky – maybe like this because the pollution has cleared. The orange coloured prints were made in some very hot weather at the end of May.

I then began going very early in the morning when the bird song – so much louder and more joyful- woke me. I would get on my bicycle and wake my body and mind by spinning round and round the bandstand, flying along the paths and over the grass, joyously smiling at the other interesting characters pursuing their individual routines at this hour.

Seeing what had flowered overnight and listening to the sounds, I would pick new blooms and come home to press them and draw my observations as I had coffee.

I can’t let the early morning happen without me or my day will go bad. This daily spin keeps my mental health in check and ensures my wonder and joy at the outside world drives me forward with gratitude.

Monoprints – between 25cm2 and 30cm2.

Niki Medlik
I am an artist and designer, based in Norfolk in the UK. I have a BA in Graphic Design, (I have worked in publishing for the majority of my career – specialising in cover design) but also an MA in Fine Art.

I have been etching since the age of 18, but discovered silkscreen in my twenties. For my MA I specialised in printmaking, but surprised myself by becoming interested in sound art, and my final show was sound and video.

I have always been fascinated by the landscape. I am a walker, and maps and navigational elements play a large part in my work. I love the sea, and the coast always inspires me. Swimming in the sea in Norfolk and abroad has provided a rich seam of work – in June I was due to have a printmaking and painting residency in Greece, making work about my love of the sea there.

I most recently exhibited as part of ‘Woven Waters’ in Norwich Cathedral in January 2020, showing large scale digital prints originally created as screenprints made from mud, accompanied by sound art. Over the last year my work has become increasingly organic and environmentally conscious.