Mirry, Jamaal

I usually start a painting with a color and I develop its story following my feeling and emotions during the ongoing process of painting, brushwork after brushwork. Before starting I don’t know where the adventure will bring me, as in “Jamaal” my last work…

This work is a tribute to the lovely colors of the African Desert. I have been inspired by the desert feeling, that has always provided  me a kind of dream scape where I can find my freedom, inner reflections and balance in its infinity. This work wants to express a sense of peace, associate with the warmth and the harmonious lines of dunes with their enveloping effect. Starting as a tribute to beauty of the desert, it has evolved into a broader picture, including dromedaries and some figures. The dromedary is the ship of the desert, a charming animal for its docility and its intense gaze!

In the vastness of the desert, I enrich dromedaries with charms as an honor for their precious function in the desert. Later, I include a berber, a female and an angel. The berber, the inhabitant of the desert, underlines the importance of the respectful relationship with dromedaries. The female, as a driver figure in every culture. Then, in the lock down period I added the contrasting figure of an angel. Quarantine has been an opportunity to reflect on my beliefs and values. Faith has never abandon us even with the closure of house of worships and whatever our spiritual belief is. I develop an idea of unity and commonality between all beliefs. As there is a supreme entity, who can be everywhere with different names and forms. The sky is divided as a gothic stained glass window, alluding to divine light, that can enlighten people for what is my message: rebirth. Rebirth is also represented by an other important and recurrent element in my pieces: the egg. Here, it is about to hatch, meaning novelty. The paint express the rebirth guided by the willingness to unity and brotherhood regardless differences. The title came later, “Jamaal” means beauty, coming from the same root of the word camel in Arabic.


I usually sign my paintings with Mirry, a diminutive of my name, I don’t like to be recognized. I rarely expose my works because every works represent a part of me, so I tend not to share with others. I start painting when a was a child and this passion has driven me for my all life.  After a specialization in scenography from The Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, I became a teacher of History of Art to convey my passion for art to new generation and I have never stopped to share our Art Heritage with my students.

Painting is my hideaway from reality, an antidoto from all negatives of life and hymn to beauty of nature.

In the early paintings, my favorite subject were usually women, representing their mysterious power, then I focused more on animals, as I consider them the pure essence of nature. Now it’s the moment of fusion between nature and abstract subjects, creating a surreal atmosphere, what I consider my perfect reality with the absence of cruelty and negativeness. In art I found my perfect world, my pure energy creating a harmonious space between all creatures and parts of the world.