Mary Rouncefield, Past and Present

Lockdown initially left me in a state of ‘suspended animation’ as far as art work was concerned. I think I was so anxious about the situation that I seemed unable to think or work.

Everything outside was quiet, there were no people and almost no traffic on the street. Reality had become surreality! Eventually, relaxing by looking at the work of artists I admire, I became inspired by the later works of Picasso. His altered perspectives and visual representations of emotion and anxiety struck a chord and I  have been working with relief and enjoyment.

Acrylic on canvas 60 x 76cm

Mary Rouncefield

Mary Rouncefield graduated in 2009 with an honours degree from the faculty of Art Media and Design at the University of the West of England, where she studied illustration. Mary works in both drawing and print,

Past exhibitions include the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2007, ‘Titanic 100’ in New York and various exhibitions held at The Royal West of England Academy in her home city of Bristol.

 In 2014 a series of drawings were exhibited by Guerilla Galleries in London. Her work ‘Campaign Boots’ was exhibited in ‘Passion For Freedom’ at The Mall galleries in London in September 2015. ‘The series ‘Mathematical Curves’ were most recently exhibited at the Portico Library and Gallery in Manchester in 2015. Mary painted live at Upfest 2015, the Street Art festival held in Bristol and was there again in 2016 and 2017. In 2016 she created a 3 dimensional piece which appears in the book ‘Find Another Bath’. She also has  had work included in the Wellcome Images biomedical image library.

Her ‘artist’s book’ ; ‘Mr. Darcy’s Advice to the Hip Patient’ exhibited at the Beaney House Museum, in 2016 is now held in a collection at the University of Kent and also on exhibition at the Templeman Gallery .