Julee Latimer, Fractured, Boxed In & Crevice

You can see Julee’s studio video here on YouTube.


Created from all leftover paint from studio works in 2020 this was originally intended as a colourful complete disc of layered paint strips.  In the light of COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed on society the work has since been misted with white to suggest our unity at this time. Deciding to then cut the work into three was my response to social distancing requirements.

48 x 48 x 2cm Acrylic on wood

Boxed In

11 x 25 x 6.5cm Acrylic on wood

Influenced by feelings of containment during lockdown and the fact that this restriction was shared by all.

Made from leftover dried paint from artworks in my Circle Collection, these fragments were packed tightly within the wooden box, confined, contained, and restricted.

This work can be wall hanging or freestanding.



Acrylic on wood 20 x 20 x 5cm

Inspired by the concept of chaos beneath the calm.

Influenced by lockdown and the reports of stresses and, in some cases, domestic violence that was occurring in some homes as a direct result of lockdown.

Made from 30 layers of dried paint glued to a wooden frame which was then attacked by drill and craft knife to reveal hidden layers.

The work can be wall hanging or freestanding.

Julee Latimer

I was born in the UK, settling in Australia in 2005 after spending the previous 17 years moving internationally many times. My life has been a patchwork of cultures and this plays out in my desire to fragment my work. I seem incapable of seeing a painting as finished until it has been deconstructed and remade in various ways.

My practice revolves around the desire to shift the dynamics of the paint/canvas relationship by assisting paint to break free in order to stand alone as a structural material.

The question that directs my experiments is “What if paint could lead an alternative life, one where it is more than a wet substance clinging to a support?”

I exploit the flexibility inherent in dried paint through cutting, layering and weaving. Doing this gives me the choice of which side of the paint to show which results in works that combine the usually visible with the often hidden.

I have been a full-time artist for many years working across various media.  I obtained my BFA (Curtin Uni) in 2019. My artworks are held in private collections in Australia, the UK, the USA, Sweden, Austria and Canada.