Janet Howkins, Any Way the Wind Blows

Any Way the Wind Blows

Oils, Meadow Grass & Mixed Media on Ply 8″ x 8″

Compose, Fern & Make A Wish

Oil, Chrysanthemum, Fern & Mixed Media on Ply 5″ x 7″ each


The work I specialise in is forms of decay.  Since lockdown I have been unable to work from my studio so I have had to work smaller scale to what I had currently been working on pre-lockdown as my only working space I have is the dining room table.  This has been a challenge due to also owning two curious cats, some work has been subjected to additional paw prints during this period.  Being isolated has been mentally challenging and has limited the amount of resource material however it has also offered me more time to research the work I am doing now and develop a greater portfolio of delicate work.

The work I am submitting is part of a Concealed series.  As we are all faced with being concealed within our own 4 walls as protection, what little escape we get I have documented using botanicals I have collected from local walks.  These have been dried and preserved before concealing within a piece of work to create small time capsules of the memories and emotions at that time.

Janet Howkins

I am a UK contemporary decay artist based in the North West.  Having been fascinated with nature, decay and memories from my early years, I like to explore the intricacies of surface, pattern and texture, using multiple media forms to replicate and extenuate the subject matter in my compositions.

In more recent work I also use found objects as a medium, allowing the aesthetics of the object to draw the viewers attention closer to questioning the past and memories retained within the object.  Capturing emotion is what resonates with me the most, I feel objects absorb the residual energy from that moment, replaying that period/memory of the person or place over and over.  The intention in my work is to invite the viewer to step in the picture and experience that moment.


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