Glenys Mann, Topography


A hand-made Book Collaboration with another artist. Images are of pages that have been constructed by Glenys Mann.

“Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

A place that is close but seems so far…

An aerial view from an altitude that has attitude

A ‘sense of the place’… from on high.”


I collage every even numbered page,

When I have finished I post to the other artist

She collages the odd numbered pages!

MEDIUM: Paper, leaf print, natural dyed papers, glue, carbon pencil

The lockdown has made a huge impact on our business, Fibre Arts Australia as we have had to cancel 5 of the 6 events that we had organised. This includes cancelling 48 contracts with international and national tutors… that result made a huge impact on my emotions, as you can image! As it has to many!

We are hoping that an event in September in Ballarat, Victoria will go ahead when all the borders become open once again.

The feeling of nothing to do and not having an exhibition in the future has given me no impetus to make my stitched art works… I need a purpose to make large works. Hence these books that I am collaging! Something small and easy to put together.

Glenys Mann

Glenys Mann finds herself getting even more radical with her work – pushing both personal and technical boundaries – allowing time to respond ‘to’ the medium, rather than force it to fit to some preconceived plan –

She has been mentoring artists for more than 25 years, teaching Masterclasses throughout Australia and Internationally. Her art textiles are owned by Galleries, Museums and in private collections worldwide.

She takes you on an exciting new way of working and looking at design within the Art Textile genre…. There are no boundaries! Glenys is limited only by the rate at which she travels toward new horizons.