Dijanne Cevaal, Under the Sea

Under the Sea #1

Several years ago I did an artist’s residency on Atauro Island , Timor Leste. Every morning , before work started, I would walk along the shoreline of the beach, entranced by all the treasure that the sea washed up. Then last year a visit to an Aquariaum at La Rochelle held me bewitched- the beauty of the colours, the weirdness of the creatures. It was like an alternative world, one that held so many secrets that could not be subjugated to the way we tend to subjugate all living things above water. During this period of Lockdown I wanted to revisit the wonder of those experiences- our reality is altered, somewhat beyond our control,and yet there is wonder in this too. This particular turtle was at the Aquarium- it would approach the window at exactly a spot where a young girl was standing- it was not aggressive more a motion of curiosity – the young girl was delighted , her laughter tinkled throughout the space- I want to hold onto that sense of tinkling laughter- of delight and curiosity to get through these uncertain times.

Textile/Print 33 cm x 29 cm

Dijanne Cevaal

An ever curious traveller, researcher, teacher and mentor who responds to place and history through stitch and cloth using a  variety of textile techniques.

My textiles are a product of a lifelong engagement with textiles, the mobility of stitch, the interaction of colour created by dyeing and printing, and the creation of stories. My inspiration comes from nature ,travel and  antique textiles  and I combine these elements  in a carefully balanced  mix of colour,stitch and emotion.

All the fabrics in my work are hand dyed, and I employ printing techniques to create original one-off fabrics . I tend to work in fairly simple colour contrasts though the cloth I use is often complex in the colours they contain. Stitching both by machine and hand are important elements, as is the creation of texture. Linocut printing has become an important aspect of my work.

I have travelled widely and written a book, Musing in Textile:France about how the inspiration of travel and place has been translated  into some of my textile work.