Chiderah Bosah, Conundrum & Ireti

This piece titled CONUNDRUM”  Shows a dark skinned dreamy eyed lady with a Red Cross over the mouth, putting on the usual blue toned Nurses Attire. It described the helpless state of Front line workers all over the world the yellow strips representing The numerous emergencies that overwhelmed the healthcare centers around the world. The red Cross represents all the health care centers across the world battling with the pandemic.Here is a piece titled “IRETI” meaning Hope in a West African language called Yoruba. It simply shows a sitted lady, in her native attire, holding a lit candle directly under a golden frame, with a fierce look on her face. It simply expresses the way we all felt at the point of the Global lockdown, when we had no option but to sit tight, stay strong and keep our hoped high for the best to come. “IRETI” is 36 by 48 inches.

Click here to see a short studio video of Chiderah Bosah at work.

Chiderah Bosah

Chiderah Bosah is a visual artist with a focus on Africa, African history, origin, culture, and celebrating Blackness of Africans around the world.

His recent works focuses on telling stories that concern Africans in relation to their global contribution.

Africa and its elements creates images in his head which he expresses as art works.

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