Cas Holmes, Where Has All Flour Gone

Where Has All The Flour Gone?  68x63cm

Marking the first few days of lockdown I mostly witnessed acts of kindness yet my shock of empty shelves told another story. I never overstock on food and came back from my last weekend teaching and tried to pick up a few things all I came out of the shop with daffodils! The shelves were bare of most things. I was obviously concerned as I am used to just buying what I need and I had no basics in. With help from a few friends and my neighbour (she handed me some of her hen’s eggs) I managed to get a few things. The first week or so was a little hard. I have stayed well and manage the shop on the bike.How did many in less fortunate manage if it was not for people stepping up? Yet still, flour mysteriously, is harder to come by.

A Little Helping Hand  68 x 67cm

The image is of my Romani Great-Grandmother who was a young woman during the great flu pandemic of 1918-20. Her roots go back to the North West India where the Romanis originated. Like many she supported her community including the young soldiers returning from the front lines bringing the contagion with them. She reminds me we have faced things on a global scale before. Things which effect our individual communities and families are being felt all over the world.  Each person, each community, every culture has their own story to tell of this time We will endure.

40 Yards was first shown at the European Patchwork Meeting in 2014 and has toured to Switzerland, USA, France, Luxembourg and Germany as well as smaller exhibits in the UK. Using materials while I travel and reflecting inspiration from within my 40 yards of my front door it is a continuing projects which is being added to. I am just being more resourceful and the contents of my kitchen cupboard are coming in to play. That is , when I can play. Sometimes I just need to get out and walk or cycle.

During lockdown the nature of this project seems doubly relevant and these two pieces reflect two different aspects of a response to being able to get the basics. In the West we pray ‘Give Us this Day our Daily Bread’ in Asian culture the day begins with ‘morning rice’ and ends with ‘evening rice’ is an integral part of rituals, ceremonies, rites de passage, and festivals. In Japan they give thanks to ‘Asa Gohan’  daily rice. For many, without support, our daily bread/rice becomes difficult to obtain.

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Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is interested in the liminal ‘in between’ spaces connecting land, place and environment. Trained in fine art, her work combines mixed media with found materials and stitch and is best described as ‘painting with cloth’. This is reflected in her publications, the most recent Textile Landscape (Batsford 2018).