Caroline Heider, The Vision

Each part of the triptych evolved differently without any plan for individual pieces or the whole. The first (top, #1), was a hesitant searching, trial and error, lots of pausing and reflection–a kind of feeling my way into a new world–that combined different pieces and materials. It required a lot of care in composition, experimentation and leaving aside fears or preconceived ideas.

It was a process of adjusting to a new life; one after another kind of career, one after lockdown. The second piece that I painted but really is #3 in the composition almost painted itself: the images grew as if predestined and predesigned. It was as if I was connected to this subconscious under-water world and just knew instinctively what needed to happen.

The final piece that I painted (middle, #2) required a lot more thought: what did these pieces mean, and mean to each other. The process was one of just looking at the images together (with a blank sheet in the middle), seeking connections and meaning. It was the Osho Tarot card The Vision that gave me the clue. Once that was clear, it was a matter of keeping the style consistent to unite the two.

I was not conscious of a strong Covid19 effect on the piece. My life had changed dramatically just a short while earlier. Had the lockdown happened earlier (or had I not changed my life), it would have had a much larger effect on my daily life. In (almost) hindsight, #1 represents the conscious choice for change without knowing where to, just as many have found themselves reflecting during these months. #3 represents the subconscious that knows to choose the right way, while #2 shows how both are (or need to be) connected: playfully.

Mixed media. 50×74 cm each.

Caroline Heider

A hobby artist since leaving school, I’ve been creating throughout my “other professional” life. Picking up inspiration, materials, skills along the way, my work is eclectic. Since 2019, art and creativity have moved center stage in my life. I constantly experiment with different materials and techniques, combing them and wonder at mysterious effects they (sometimes) produce together.