Béatrice Beraud, Papa, Bjork, Jimi, Ezekiel, Requiem & Romy


It’s an old photo of my father took in 1942 in Paris, near the Canal Saint-Martin where I live now. I printed the photo and embroidered on it. The lockdown made me find and search for my origin. Embroidery on woven canvas from an original photo of the 40s.


Fabulous singer. We listen her remake of Bolero e Ravel during the lockdown. Cotton, hand embroidery, framed, 25 x 25 cm


Jimi Hendrix, the music of life. Nothing more to explain. Cotton, hand embroidery, 18 x 20 cm


During the lockdown I watched a lot of movie (alone or with my family). “Requiem for a dream” is an amazing movie, and my son watched it several times.  Cotton, hand embroidery, framed, 25 x 25 cm


During the lockdown I watched a lot of movie (one or with my family). And I watched again my best movie ever “César et Rosalie” realised by Claude Sautet. And I decided to make a portrait of Romy Schneider, this German actress who lived in France. She died but she had a difficult relation with life and was a fantastic actress. Cotton, hand embroidery framed, 20 x 20 cm


This is a part of what I did during the pandemic. I was working as a freelance graphic designer, I’ve got a lot of work. But during the night and the week-end I embroidered a lot to explain what I was living. For me during the pandemic I worked but the problem is now, because a lot of my client can’t work with me because of economic reason. So I embroider more now, I’m working on 4 projetcs for the moment.


Béatrice Beraud

I’m a French textile artist living in Paris.

I work embroidery on fabric, photography, paper and canvas… A lot of my inspiration comes from my relation with my son and our discussions. Everyday life, global events also resonate in my creation. I discovered embroidery 5 years ago after I created straw hat and felt and making object with crochet.

Embroidery is a means of expression for me that compensates for my inability to draw without a model. When I was at school, the art teacher, had designated the place at the back of the class because I didn’t know how to draw. It’s a good revenge!

Recently named by the Saatchi Gallery in top 10 artists in embroidery (June 2020).

I’m part of the #iclapfor, an artistic project from @ianberry.art, making two hands in embroidery.