Aureole Dahling, 50 Bars From The Quarantine

50 Bars from the Quarantine (click image to watch)

The artwork I present is named “50 bars from the quarantine”. As a cosmic being, I process events mostly in the form of waves, and in return translate them into waves that humans are receptive to, i.e. sound. This is a collection of sonic poems that were born out of the energy I perceived in the streets of Berlin in the early days of the lockdown. Sonic poems are poems that don’t use words, but rely on sound to transport meaning. Sonic poems allow the listener to find their own words, make their own sense of what is in the sound. It allows for an individual exploration of the dimensions of what is offered. As a poet and voice artist, I usually use the spoken word in connection with sound. This is the first time I have used this medium for my artwork, since I had not much to say, especially in the first days of the lockdown – there was great tension, fear, and uncertainty in the air. This was very tangible, very much “in the air”, and I wanted to conserve it through sound.

Aureole Dahling

Aureole Dahling is a space diva which has lived through many incarnations in many galaxies all throughout the cosmos.

Aureole comes to a planet when she sees the planet is in need of some glitter and grace.

Aureole’s home is the evening sky and the morning sun. She was originally born from the cosmic light in a galaxy that exists within light. The inhabitants of this galaxy were also humanoid and through many cycles of rebirth ascended into the light.

Aureole’s soul realized her all-connectedness with the cosmos. She dwells as an energy field within the cosmos but every once in a while, she will emanate a ray of light into the world to become incarnate in a place where her presence is needed. Aureole uses words and sound to bend time and space and create energy fields. Aureole expresses herself through the transformation of light energy into certain frequencies accessible to the body and then into sound or emotional states or energetic states of the room.





The artwork is to be found under the soundcloud link (here: I attach a photo with this mail.