Arvin Ombika, Ki Passer La?…

The artwork proposed for this exhibition is an observation made, during this Lockdown period, from the window of my house.  During this time of Covid-19 pandemic, we are more that ever curious of how the world is functioning outside the space of the home.  My window observation has provided me a documentation of how people are coping with the actual crisis.  This triptych titled: Ki Passer la?… (who is passing by? …), has been inspired from my childhood rhyme, back in Mauritius.  Now, I am in India, as my return ticket has been cancelled twice during this time of total Lockdown.  This creative response to the Lockdown period is a picture of how people in my actual neighborhood connect with the outside.  As such, the priest reflects the deepening in religious beliefs, the milkman is symbolic of the essential food in human life and finally the online delivery man depicts how the virtual world is more than ever connecting people as well as having necessary items delivered at home with minimum human contact; a result from social distancing.  Overall, it is simultaneously a celebration of all these service men who risk their health to bring comfort to people in the safety of their homes and to protect them follow the compulsory rule of wearing the mask.

The Lockdown period has, primarily, brought me to become more observant of the society within the limits of my home space. Furthermore, it has an impact on the size I might have otherwise chosen to work on, having to subsist my creative output within the restrictions of materials available in my studio.

Acrylic on canvas Triptych, 20 x 20 cm each

Arvin Ombika

Arvin Ombika was born in Mauritius.  He possesses a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (Painting) from the Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India.  He working principally in Acrylics and oils but also explores other techniques like Egg Tempera, while other media like gouache depending on the requirement of the surface being treated.  Ombika has been participating in various national and international exhibitions as well as in workshops.  He recently carried a workshop on Egg Tempera and Gold Leafing techniques at the Kerala Museum, Kochi India.