Anu Ahuja, DreamIt’s a Dream, it’s a psychology that how I experience the dream as well as the binary of reality and the psychological space. This space is very confined, personal, definite embodied a melancholy which related to my own objects, living beings. It’s full of me, being myself. In this work, I explore a range of possible interpretations and embrace the specific qualities of its medium also how difficult to take in, as it competes with the natural grandeur of its surroundings which offers multiple readings of the visual elements.

Anu Ajaha

Anu Ahuja is  a student of visual arts is interested in exploring the varieties and possibilities of water colour, oil colour , acrylic and other kind of materials and medium .  She comes  with long list of original ideas theories and fascinating abstract portraits and an ability to use wood and produce 3D works across various mediums.

Recently studying in world University of design Sonipat 3rd year. Pursuing bachelor of visual arts.