Andrew John Delaney, Isolation

During lock down Delaney has taken the opportunity to expand on the notion of his isolation by producing a personal series of 15 oil painting self portraits. Photographs taken every second day in the first month of isolation were reinterpreted in the second as a compelling study of the artist .” Being such a unique time in our history I wanted to walk out of this with a positive reminder of it “.  Bare and raw they reveal a side of the artist seldom shared ….

A video of Andrew’s studio can be found here.

Andrew John Delaney (1966- present ) aca. Anno Domini Home

Self-taught Australian artist working in textile, mixed media and painting. Coming from years or retail, styling and designing for special events Delaney brings his varied talents to his art. Luring the viewer into a strange world of Victoriana and storytelling.

With exhibitions on Anatomy, Charles Darwin , Jack the Ripper and Lincoln and the Civil War ( ), he makes statements on today’s moral decay cloaked in a historical context. Beautiful but disarming.