Aditi Patwari, Structured Chaos

The artwork is created by folding and stitching each piece of felt by hand. This lengthy process and working by hand is a meditative experience for me. During the current global pandemic, I am producing more hand stitched work as it keeps me calm and allows me to find structure amidst the chaotic nature of the outside world.

Felt, Ribbon, Metal Frame  120x70cm

Aditi Patwari:

Aditi Patwari is a textile artist and designer who has created projects for stationery, interiors and fashion. She has lived and worked in India, the UK, and the UAE, where she currently resides.

She is excited by architecture and geometry, which tend to be the focus of her textile work. She specializes in material manipulation, laser cutting and etching, digital embroidery, and pattern design. Her textile art pieces are inspired by travel, and her projects tell the stories of her journeys.


Instagram    @dea_dubai