Esra Nesipogullari, Analogia

Analogia, being ‘self’, being distance being away, being alone. Foucault’s four main elements of episteme: conventia,  emulation,  analogy, and sympathies, are used to illustrate how all things are really one and the same,separated by space and time, that similitudes between all things can be found within every object. In this period  for me ‘conventia’ represents fostering the relationships between objects and people.

20 x20 cm, mixed media

Esra Nesipoğulları, 1991 Turkey, architect / self-taught multidisciplinary artist. Born and raised in Turkey. Currently resident in Italy. After working two years in several architectural design studios, in London, Istanbul, and Mantua, she moved to the art and curatorial field. Her works often response to personal stories in the cultural and political contexts.