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We offer a number of services to support the wellbeing of our clients from traditional counselling and mentoring to Reiki and tarot. Whether you are here in Rome as a resident, travelling, or live elsewhere – Counterweave Anima can give you the friendly and healing support you need. You can see us in person in our client space in the centre of Rome, or we can provide counselling and Reiki at a distance using Skype and email.

William has qualifications in psychology and counselling, and William and Felicity are both qualified Reiki practitioners.

All services are completely confidential.





William provides counselling in person, or via Skype.

If you are in Italy as a tourist or ex-pat, and your native language is English, William can provide counselling support for homesickness, loneliness, and worry.

If you are finding it hard to make an important decision, finding it difficult to make the most of opportunities, or see yourself making the same mistakes over and over, together we can re-frame your problems and find a way out of the maze. William uses clear and straightforward techniques to explore issues and frustrations, to help you find your way.


Both William and Felicity provide one on one mentoring for those are challenged by early-career business, government and community sector work, and for emerging artists and makers. We provide a friendly, supportive and straight-talking service either in person, or via Skype and email.

Reiki in person

Our quiet and restful client space is an oasis in a busy life; take time to relax and let the world recede for a while.

Reiki is simple, peaceful and gentle. You are fully clothed and safe.

Reiki and Tarot at a distance

The distance Reiki process follows a similar form to an in-person session, in that I focus on your energy field and work through the chakras, starting with the crown chakra. The healing invocation is for healing energy to be received at a time that is best for you, for your best and highest good.

Scheduling a distance Reiki session is easy! Book a session, and we will do the Reiki healing within 3 business days. Your session feedback will be emailed to you and follow up can be provided through email and/or Skype.


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What do our clients say?

I booked a distance Reiki session with Felicity last week and am so glad that I did as her work resonated in such a calm, authentic way with me. She is a dedicated, thoughtful practitioner who tunes in to energy in a practised caring manner. She most definitely did a perfect read on all my chakras as her report confirmed what I had been feeling. What I loved was that she gave me suggestions to alleviate the patterns she saw within my chakras.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a practitioner 💛

(Claire, Sydney, Australia)

Felicity is a gentle and caring person with an amazing ability to cut through the noise and read you for who you really are.  Felicity performed a distance Reiki therapy for me and I was startled by how accurate it was.  I had tried to hide my stress points to others and ultimately to myself but Felicity found it in there and acknowledging it was so totally refreshing.  It helped me to stop, take stock and look after myself.  I highly recommend Felicity as a Reiki therapist. 

(Estelle, Melbourne, Australia)


Warm, supportive and open, Felicity listened and helped perfectly.

(Louise, United Kingdom)


I’m not a particularly spiritual person. I’m atheist and a sceptic – but I do believe in the power of gifted individuals to pick up on your energy and give you what you need when you need it. Felicity is one of these individuals; she is a talented, empathetic person with the ability to help you identify your strengths, acknowledge your difficulties and unblock the path to deal with that difficulty. I’m still not a believer in oogy-boogy stuff (I don’t think I’ll ever be), but I believe that if you can open your heart and your mind to be healed, Felicity can help you do the healing you need to do.

(Em, Melbourne, Australia)

Receiving Reiki from Felicity is like being wrapped in a warm, healing cocoon for a few long and lovely moments. It is a grounding, centring and nurturing experience; it leaves you feeling connected yet light, pensive yet unburdened. She herself is ethereal but also earthly and motherly, allowing her to connect with people in a very natural and open way. In our reiki sessions Felicity helped me through a difficult time by enabling me to tune into myself, and to be fragile. I would highly recommend time with Felicity to anyone who has pain – either physical, emotional or spiritual – or who just needs a bit of direction, connection or support.

(Rebecca, Australia)

Felicity is a caring and intuitive Reiki practitioner. My first experience was in a remote session, and when Felicity provided me with the results, I was surprised at the accuracy of her findings. As I had not known anything about Reiki before, I was a bit sceptical, however her findings really rang true to my experience. 
(Bonnie, Melbourne, Australia)




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