Counterweave Crafts / Mestiere


Counterweave offers workshops and private lessons in a range of traditional and contemporary techniques.

We firmly believe in the benefits of making by hand – the tactility of stitching on silk, of charcoal on heavy paper, hand carving and printing your own Japanese woodblock print. The instant feedback and gratification of learning a new skill, and making something beautiful: enjoying the process as well as the product.

An important part of our artistic philosophy is to understand and become comfortable with a technique before leaping off to explore its possibilities – you need the basics before you can fly!

William, Felicity and invited international tutors will provide workshops, group and one-on-one sessions to teach, guide and explore the following techniques.

  • Using a drop spindle to spin silk, wool and other fibres
  • Embroidery
  • Indigo dyeing
  • eco-dyeing
  • Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga)
  • Solar etching and printing
  • Making and weaving shifu (Japanese paper-based techniques)



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