Zane Shumeiko, Karliene-Mistress of the Labyrinth

Zane Shumeiko, Karliene Mistress of the Labyrinth detail

“Karliene-Mistress of the Labyrinth” is a portrait of my great-great grandmother, showing psychological portrait of women in late 19th century rural Latvia. My piece is inspired from the classic Italian painting and Italian silk fabric which I use for the details. I dedicate this work for the theme of the Greek Goddess Ariadne. She is in charge of the labyrinth were sacrifices were made and this links to my personal family history experience. First finding a hundred years old photograph with a lady with very expressive eyes without knowing who is she and later finding out a lot of information, brought me to a massive genealogical research discovering long forgotten history moments and hidden family dramas and finally leading to new connections with leaving relatives today.

Karliene died in 1933 She has left an invisible but very strong mark in our memory being extraordinary, sharp, arrogant, influential personality.

I try to produce a narration with sophisticated chromatic effects that recall the sky, earth and wine colours and various thread lines which are dedicated to three basic elements the

Goddess Ariadne is in charge (Fertility, Wine and Labyrinth).

Karliene, Mistress of the Labyrinth, textile and mixed media on canvas 40 x 50xm €900 + 10% IVA

Zane Shumeiko:

I am a Latvian artist who uses textiles, machine embroidery, photography and painting in her work. Sewing thread has a special meaning in my works-it is like “Ariadne’s thread” that symbolically links thoughts, desires, dreams and journey between different generations and cultures. This is a point of departure for series of works dedicated to my ancestors.

I am a member of the Society for Embroidered Work.