Thelma Weatherford, Fertile Ground

‘Fertile Ground’ is about birth and re-birth.
It symbolizes fertility and the feminine from the womb to the tomb.

20×20 encaustics on panel €2510 + 10% IVA

Thelma Weatherford:

I am a self taught artist from northern California. My work has evolved over many years. Currently I have been working with encaustics and oil & cold wax. In my process I experiment with layering, scraping and mark – making. I usually start with a general idea or color scheme. After I apply several layers and manipulate the paint I allow the piece to guide me, to “tell” me where it wants to go. It takes several days or weeks to get to this point.  My work is about exploring what you can do by layering, adding & taking away layers of paint. I use various mark making tools to etch into the layers of paint. My work focuses on abstract style of art. Inspiration comes from nature, our environment and the study of symbols.

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