Shannon Moore, Goddessfull


My Goddess shines a light that reminds us of the inner power, grace and strength that we all have.   She holds a rope that is wound around her body and arm that represents our individual power to choose that we often give away, the changes that we can make do not.  The Bubbles that float around her represent the fragility of life, and the death’s head moths represent the ever present reality of death. This Goddess reminds us that Life is a fleeting, ever-changing and magnificent struggle that can be lived with fierce grace and the power of inner strength.

I used a technique called pyrography, the use of a heated tool, a propane torch, and fire to create these works on wood. After the ‘drawing’ is finished various waxes, inks and gold leaf are applied. The completed work is varnished with a high quality UVA/UVB protectant.

This piece is framed in a hand gilded vintage wood frame from Italy and measures 21” X 24. €3200 + 10% IVA