Penelope Hayes, Athena

Penelope Hayes. Athena detail

I chose the goddess Athena as my chosen Goddess as she represents, among other things, wisdom, diplomacy and creative skills. Athena’s attributes are the strengths most women possess and use on a daily basis but which are rarely valued in this male dominated world.

Using the traditional sculptural medium of Bronze patina, I have depicted Athena in her amour – protecting her against outward attack but self-repairing/regenerating allowing her to absorb and adapt to new ideas and feelings, making her stronger.

Flexibility and Strength – Athena’s and every women’s trade mark.

Ceramic   70 x 40cm €1300 + 10% IVA

Penelope Hayes:

I am a British ceramicist.I dropped out of a career in the Media in 1993 to take a Fine Art Degree at The University of Hertfordshire. Following my graduation I went to Los Angeles to begin a Masters degree but returned early due to my husband’s ill health.

I was a recipient of a British Council award in 2000 for Helter Skelter, an exhibition at AS220 Gallery in Rhode Island USA and have exhibited extensively in the UK. I taught photography, sculpture and ceramics in Cambridge and was a resident artist at Cambridge Art Salon before moving to Leeds where I now have a studio at Sunny Bank Mills – a restored textile mill.

My work is always a response to my own personal feelings, emotions and concerns and I frequently use the human condition as a vehicle for this expression.  I work predominately with clay which gives me a totally flexible material to work with.