Lisa Sewards, Sea Goddess

Lisa Sewards Sea Goddess

A Sea Goddess comes in many forms.  One famous in Greek mythology is Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon, and eldest of the fifty Nereids, the female spirits of seawaters.  My etching entitled ‘Sea Goddess’ depicts a female spirit amongst beautiful sea life, yet hidden is deadly ammunition; it’s a gentle reminder that Sea Goddesses and sea creatures will cease to exist if we continue to pollute our precious waters.

This etching was created using the beautiful sun and water to etch the solar plate, a non-toxic intaglio process.  It was hand pulled onto cotton rag BFK paper in the viridian hue; this unique state print has also been hand embellished using gouache.

Sea Goddess   2019

Etching, hand coloured

Plate 29.5x21cm

Paper 56x33cm €280 uf + 10% IVA

Lisa Sewards:

Lisa is a Melbourne based Printmaker who loves the sea.