Kirsten Stingle, Minerva

Kirsten Stingle Minerva detail 1

This work examines the origin story of Minerva in relation to the #metoo movement.  Using a porcelain torso and mixed media Minerva is depicted as a strong warrior for female autonomy artistic expression.  As a backdrop a calligram image of a fly (Metis) with the phrase #metoo.

Porcelain and mixed media. 27” x 17” x 14” €3500 + 10% IVA

Kirsten Stingle:

Kirsten Stingle’s sculptures respond to a modern paradox: a wired and globally connected world that creates individual isolation.  Working in the genre of narrative ceramics, Kirsten fuses her richly detailed porcelain figures with mixed-media to further our understanding of ourselves, others, and our place within the contemporary world.  She strives to reveal human commonalities, exposing layers of both light and shadow that thrive underneath our polite societal veneer.   Kirsten also uses antique relics to further the narrative and remind the viewer of the inescapable pull of our shared human history.

Kirsten has been represented at national and international museum exhibitions, such as Museo MACRO, Testaccio in Rome, Italy, the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, the Georgia Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Harn Museum and Barton College of Art.  In addition, Kirsten has participated in international exhibitions such as SOFA, Art Miami: Aqua, Art Palm Beach, Art Palm Springs, Art Wynwood, Art New York, and Art Manila.  She  has significant experience curating gallery exhibitions and her work is part of the permanent collections of the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Kapp Foundation, the Addams Family Foundation, Cafesjian Foundation and Windgate Center for Art and Design.;