Giulia Mangoni, Madonna Addolorata

Giulia Mangoni Madonna Addolorata detail

‘Madonna Addolorata’ (Soft Sculpture) mixes the mythology that accompanies sculptures of Madonnas in pain, often carried in processions in the Italian countryside, and memories of the Brazilian rainforest. These two distinct but complementary languages that have accompanied Mangoni in her upbringing, the organic motifs and the catholic-religious content, become entwined in an entity-like object that pulsates with the energy of feminine,protective and archetypal powers. The sculpture speaks of the subterranean forces that connect matriarchal folklore from different traditions, moving the Italian Madonna beyond her suffering and into an area of danger, mystery and unknowability.

100 x 30cm Felt, ceramicteeth’, wooden board and synthetic pillow stuffing. €350 + 10% IVA

Giulia Mangoni:

Giulia is an Italian-Brazilian artist that creates site-specific interventions through the lens of painting in order to destabilize modes of linear narration in favour of more complex and fluid systems of information delivery.