Felicity Griffin Clark, Amazon Bodice

Amazon Bodice is the first in a new series of works exploring themes of women’s strength and empowerment through textiles and mixed media. Amazon Bodice draws on stories and symbols from the ancient world, especially the role of female warriors.

Textiles, eco-dyes, stitch, found objects. 62 x 44cm €890 + 10% IVA

Felicity Griffin Clark:

Artist, curator and co-director of Counterweave Arts Gallery & Workshop, I am an Australian mixed media and textile artist based in Rome.  I have been working with textiles since 2005 and have exhibited in Australia, the UK, Italy, Germany, France, South Africa and the United States.

I use a range of media and techniques to combine colours, textures and meanings in unconventional ways. I like to learn traditional craft skills and use them unexpectedly: embroidery and sutures, textiles, goldwork, silk, old linens, mulberry bark and porcelain slip. I like people to be puzzled and intrigued by my work: able to recognise elements (such as embroidery stitches) but surprised by the context, or by the meaning of the work.

I am a member of the Society for Embroidered Work.


Instagram: felicitygriffinclark

Facebook: Felicity Griffin Clark textile artist