Evdokia Georgiou, Eros and Psyche

Evdokia Georgiou Eros and Psyche detail

Evdokia Georgiou’s Art practice is based on exploring the well established traditions, narratives and myths based on sociological and philosophical research on how they could be connected and evolved in the contemporary era we are going through. Eros and Psyche is part of the artist’s series of ‘Mythology’ and Evdokia aims to view how a myth was used in the past and how could be act as a guideline nowadays. Evdokia Georgiou interprets the myth as an essential guideline for humans to get involve, explore and enhance through contemporary applications and obligations. In ancient years, many Philosophers used to refer to the long and difficult  ‘journey’ heroes needed to go though to reach their destination, such as  Odysseus travelling towards Ithaki – written in an ancient Greek epic poem Odyssey by Homer. This journey, more or less, refers to the journey towards our inner self, in order to have self-awareness thus encouraging self growth. People and society (microcosms) reflect and connect to the universe and goddess (macrocosms); everything is connected to everything. We carry the universe inside us and we are part of the universe itself. Through Evdokia’s piece, Eros and Psyche, she aims to illustrate all of the above and challenge a bit the audience to re-think about the obvious love story between the two main characters.

: “The story of  “overcoming of obstacles to the love between Psyche ( Greek: Ψυχή [psyche], “Soul” or “Breath of Life”) and Cupid (Latin Cupido, “Desire”) or Amor (“Love”, Greek Eros ’′Ερως), and their ultimate union. “

The two main characters of the myth are complementary and significant. No desire is achieved without a soul fighting for it. Psyche was taught essential values through her journey such as observation, patience, persistence and courage. A person growing and developing is a proven aspect of ‘goddess’.


Eros and Psyche, watercolour on paper 72 x 52cm €480 + 10% IVA

Evdokia Georgiou:

Evdokia is a Limassol- Cyprus based artist who aims to alter people’s interpretation of every day’s life into a different dimension. An artist who aims to change the world through powerful Art.


Instagram: ev.geo