Anna Corviello, Oh My Goddess

Anna Corviello Oh My Goddess detail

“Oh my Goddess” is a pointillism self-portrait, an empowered version of myself that I have just recently delved into and recognised as a vital element of my self-belief. I made this work as a clarifying process of who I am, wondering who I should look up to and venerate.

Throughout history humans found comfort in believing in entities far beyond than themselves, this inspired their ways of life following their morals of such. These beliefs have always left me perplexed, wondering how people find it easier to believe more in a god rather than in themselves.

I wondered if I could embrace elements of gods and goddesses of the past that reflect elements of my womanhood that I am still learning about myself today, benefitting my wellbeing and the one of the people around me. Minerva inspired a growing side of me that I am still learning about myself, a strong creative and compassionate woman that has the power to influence the life of many people through the arts. Connecting with people authentically and genuinely with arts and crafts enhances the best parts of both our selves, my socially engaged practice is always ready to tackle topics that we tend to ignore or put aside.

“Oh my Goddess” is the result of every step I took in recognising my feminine, creative essence that is more than ready to shine through, to touch other people and myself. Each dot is a result of me embracing every element of me, coming together by making a colourful palette that takes shape as a whole. I gave myself multiple breasts, arms, legs, fingers and eyes to represent the infinite power I hold within.

“Oh my Goddess”, 2019, acrylic on black paper SOLD

Anna Corviello:

I am an Anglo-Italian artist who engages with the public to reflect their lives organically through art making.My work is made through combining found materials with emotive expression, not only changing the materials’ everyday function but the material’s potential. I nurture a deeper level of meaning-making through this process.I up-cycle objects, use natural materials, draw, paint, move, photograph, write and make installation; it’s a truly multidisciplinary practice.

I see myself as an artist of provocation, expression, communication and play with societal constructs. I share power from me, the materials and the people I meet. I encourage challenging perception and self-belief. Consequently, this generates necessary dialogue to explore personal experience as well as wider community discourse and addressing the need to be heard.

Facebook and Instagram: @anamalyworkshops