Tarot is one form of the ancient art of divination, or tapping into the individual and collective unconscious. Humans are programmed to find patterns and meaning in the world around them.

The deck of tarot cards has developed into a structured representation of the many situations we find ourselves in during our lives, distilled to their essence: frustration, abundance, oppression, ambition and so on. The 22 major arcana cards are archetypes, the complex identities that populate our dreams.

When we conduct a tarot reading, the selected cards form a pattern and we look for meaning. Is the meaning present in the cards, or is it in the work we do to make sense of them? What seems to be important is that the meaning we find offers another perspective on the real world, helps us confront our fears and complications, stimulates new thinking and problem solving.

Sometimes we use the tarot as an adjunct to our main forms of healing – counselling and Reiki. It can provide another form of insight into what is happening for the client, to help them discern the old thought patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them.

We do not use tarot to predict the future, to diagnose medical conditions or for other unethical purposes. Please read Counterweave Anima’s Terms and Conditions before you book a session with us.


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