Australian art in Rome

Melbourne - Rome

Counterweave Arts is proud to be a fair trade, ethical business representing Australian Aboriginal and contemporary artists, working in traditional and new media.  Currently the gallery has paintings from the Ampilatwatja and Warlukurlangu Aboriginal communities in the central desert region of Australia, etchings by Melbourne artists Lisa Sewards and Trudy Rice, mixed media and textile art by Felicity Griffin Clark, LM Knowles and Tracy Willans, and handwoven wearable art by Mary Burgess.

Lisa Sewards Little Parachute Pigeon-1

We run regular textile workshops, combining meditation and technique for a calm learning environment.

Counterweave Arts is open by appointment at Via Tor De’ Conti, 22, Rome. Contact us at [email protected] or via the Counterweave Facebook page to arrange a viewing time.



We are members of the Indigenous Art Code and a Fair Trade business. Copyright for all artwork and text remains with the artists and Aboriginal Traditional Owners.